How can I integrate SDK into my application?

How can I integrate SDK into my application?

The SDK is enriched with an API that allows you to call functions from the library. It is written in C which makes it easily compatible with other applications. By default, we provide users with a documentation file that explains all necessary commands and their functions.
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    • I want to test the SDK, do I need to write code before I can use it?

      The SDK is complemented with a tester application that is executable from standard command live environment. Therefore, you can evaluate the functionality without a prior need for code writing.
    • Why I cannot use MXF on the input?

      The MXF format is a container for files, whereas SDK accepts and processes image files in RAW data format. Therefore, there is a necessity to extract files from MXF and ensure they are in RAW data format before feeding to encoder/decoder. Other than ...
    • What is the licensing model?

      We are quite flexible and always try to match our customer's business model as we do not want to be a roadblock on the customer's way to delivering the application to their customers.
    • What is the licensing model for UltraPix?

      Comprimato UltraPix is a subscription-based product. A purchased license is valid for one year with automatic renewal (with an email notification). The single license contains all supported non-linear video editor extensions, i.e. Adobe Premiere, ...
    • The installer didn’t detect any version of my non-linear editor.

      Please make sure you’re using Adobe Premiere CC 2017/2018 or Foundry NUKE 10.5. You may try to re-install those editors to ensure they’re properly installed and activated (trial/full). UltraPix installer requires admin rights to properly detect and ...