I bought a license for Ultrapix, but I cannot activate it. What should I do?

I bought a license for Ultrapix, but I cannot activate it. What should I do?

Comprimato Ultrapix needs to be manually activated after purchase. The process is described in the User's Guide document. Make sure you have copied the password correctly. If the activation still fails, please contact Support.
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    • Can I use single license on multiple systems?

      Comprimato UltraPix license is seat-based. After first installation, it is associated with your hardware and locked down. If you try to install and activate UltraPix on a different machine it will not work because you need to re-activate the license. ...
    • What is the licensing model for UltraPix?

      Comprimato UltraPix is a subscription-based product. A purchased license is valid for one year with automatic renewal (with an email notification). The single license contains all supported non-linear video editor extensions, i.e. Adobe Premiere, ...
    • It seems UltraPix stopped working and I see frame drops even though it worked before. What happened?

      Most probably your free trial period has expired or your license subscription was not extended. You can quickly verify the license status via UltraPix license manager application. On Windows 10: Start menu -> Comprimato -> UltraPix -> License manager ...
    • Where can I see status of my activated licenses?

      Comprimato has a licensing manager portal. Once you purchase the product you’ll receive a URL which can be used for license management. If you do not have a link, you can go directly to portal and login using your registered email during license(s) ...
    • Which operating systems are supported for UltraPix?

      You can install Comprimato UltraPix on Windows 10 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12 (Sierra) or 10.11 (El Capitan) 64-bit, Linux CentOS 64-bit.