I would like to submit a feature request, what should I do?

I would like to submit a feature request, what should I do?

Kindly submit a contact form or write us an email at support@comprimato.com with subject Feature request and we will be glad to review and analyze your suggestion.
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    • Where I can download documentation for Comprimato Live Transcoder?

      The datasheet is available on Transcoder product page or below this article. The User's Guide was provided with your installation image, but you can always fill in the submit form or write us at support@comprimato.com and we will send it to you in ...
    • How to install Comprimato Live Transcoder?

      The Comprimato Live Transcoder is distributed as a mountable ISO file. Either copy the file to an empty USB key and choose to boot from this unit (note that UEFI boot needs to be disabled) or alternatively use a network attached disk. Once booted, ...
    • What is the performance of Comprimato Live Transcoder?

      Comprimato Live Transcoder is a software solution and is not strictly bond with a specific hardware appliance. The overall performance depends on the hardware configuration that is used in every set-up; even a conventional higher-tier hardware can be ...
    • Is Live Transcoder suitable for Youtube, Twitch or similar services video transcoding?

      The primary goal of Comprimato Live Transcoder is to provide a professional solution for broadcasters who focus on delivering Live high-quality content from ventures and events using professional equipment. Currently, we support workflows suitable ...
    • What does the green/red circle in UI mean?

      This pictogram shows whether the input/output stream of a given pipeline is (green) or is not (red) working correctly. In case the stream is not functioning, an error message is displayed when you hover your mouse over the circle.